The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) was established under a Memorandum of Agreement between the Government of India and CGIAR, dated 28 March 1972. In accordance with the Headquarters Agreement, the Government of India has extended the status of a specified “International Organization” to ICRISAT under section 3 of the United Nations (Privileges and Immunities) Act, 1947 of the Republic of India through Extraordinary Gazette Notification No. UI/222(66)/71, dated 28 October 1972, issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Legal Office

The Legal Office at ICRISAT is responsible for providing legal and policy advice to the Institute’s leadership, its management, and various departments on all aspects of ICRISAT’s research, operational, and administrative matters. It extends legal and related documentation support to the Institute’s multi-faceted governance structure, research and operations teams, legislative advocacy, and applicable compliances across all the Institute’s locations. It is also involved in educating stakeholders, including government bodies, about the Institute’s special status, immunities, and privileges to advance its mission and vision. It plays a pivotal part in strategic business planning, safeguarding immunity and privileged status and assets, and ensuring responsible decision-making within the institution. The department is instrumental in managing legal risks, providing advice on institutional contracts, staying abreast of legislative and regulatory changes, and offering practical solutions and guidance to stakeholders.

IP office

The Intellectual Property (IP) Office at ICRISAT fosters a multidimensional approach to safeguarding, managing, and optimizing the value of intellectual property assets within the realm of agriculture. It is committed to fostering innovation, protecting intellectual property rights, and facilitating IP management to all internal and external stakeholders of ICRISAT, including Institute’s scientific community, partners, donors, collaborators, and beneficiaries.

ICRISAT is recognized as a WIPO – Technology Innovation Support Center (TISC). The IP office oversees the operations of WIPO – TISC and the Intellectual Property Facilitation Cell (IPFC) at ICRISAT. The objective is to help innovators with essential intellectual property guidance and facilitate protection and management of their intellectual property rights.

Contact Details:

For legal queries, e-mail: legaloffice.ind@icrisat.org

For IP queries, e-mail: icrisat-ipfc@icrisat.org

IP Portfolio


Patent Application Number


Public Disclosure



Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Gene Orf147 of Pigeonpea and Uses thereof

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Millet and Food Products with Reduced Lipase activity, Genes and implementation thereof

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S.No Indian Trademark
Application No
Trademark Trademark Type Trademark class Registration Status
1 1143837 ICRISAT Wordmark 31 Registered
2 1143838 ICRISAT Wordmark 16 Registered
3 1143839 MISC.GEO(DEV) Device mark 16 Registered
4 1143840 DEVICE OF CROP Device mark 31 Registered
5 1257900 ICRISAT Wordmark 42 Registered
6 1257901 DEVICE OF CROP Device mark 42 Registered
7 1257902 Science with Human Face Device mark 42 Registered
8 2812204 GREENPHABLET Wordmark 41 Registered
9 2812205 GREENPHABLET Wordmark 42 Registered
10 2812206 GREENPHABLET Wordmark 9 Registered
11 2812207 GREENPHABLET Wordmark 16 Registered
12 2812208 GREENPHABLET Wordmark 28 Registered
13 3527583 ICRISAT device with crop and lady Device mark 42 Registered
14 3644207 SMART FOOD Wordmark 99 (42&44) Registered
15 3644208 Smart Foods with three leaves Device mark 99 (42&44) Registered
16 3644209 GOOD FOR YOU – THE PLANET – THE FARMER Wordmark 99 (42&44) Registered
17 5553463 SMART FOOD FOR ASIA Device mark 42 Registered
18 5553464 SMARTER FOOD Wordmark 42 Registered
19 5553465 SMARTER FOOD Wordmark 44 Registered
20 5553467 SMART FOOD Wordmark 44 Registered
21 5553468 SMART FOOD FOR ASIA Device mark 44 Registered
22 5553470 SMART FOOD FOR AFRICA Device mark 44 Registered
23 5553473 "ICRISAT”
and “smart food”
Device mark 44 Registered
24 5553474 SMARTER FOOD Device mark 42 Registered

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