ICRISAT encourages funders, partners and others wishing to use our logo. We request that you please adhere to the following guidelines.

  Permission: Please obtain explicit permission from ICRISAT before using our logo for any purpose. Please email info.comms@icrisat.org with details.

  Non-Commercial Use: ICRISAT's logo should be used strictly for non-commercial purposes. This includes educational, informational, and non-profit activities that align with ICRISAT's mission and values.

  Accurate Representation: Use the logo accurately and as provided by ICRISAT. Do not alter, modify, or combine it with other elements, and do not use any version of the logo that is not officially provided by ICRISAT.

  Clear Space: When using the logo, maintain sufficient clear space around it. This helps ensure the logo's visibility and legibility, preventing crowding by other elements.

  Proportion and Size: If resizing the logo, ensure its proportions are maintained. Avoid distorting the logo, and do not use it below the minimum size recommended by ICRISAT to maintain clarity.

  Background and Contrast: Choose a background that allows the logo to stand out and maintain good contrast. Ensure the logo's colors remain consistent with the provided version.

  Link to ICRISAT: Whenever feasible, provide a link to ICRISAT's official website when using the logo. This helps viewers access more information about the organization.

  Logo Misuse: Use the logo in a way that aligns with ICRISAT's values and mission. Do not associate the logo with content or activities that could be interpreted as conflicting or inappropriate.

  Educational Use: If using the logo for educational purposes, ensure that the context in which it is used is accurate and respectful of ICRISAT's work and contributions.

  Attribution: If required by ICRISAT, provide appropriate attribution when using the logo. This could include indicating that the logo is the property of ICRISAT and is used with permission.

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