The Digital Agriculture Cluster is at the forefront of harnessing digital technologies to transform agriculture and empower farming communities. Our cluster focuses on leveraging innovative digital solutions to address key challenges in agricultural productivity, sustainability, and resilience.

Digital agriculture is a powerful vehicle for accelerating agriculture and rural transformation. It has the potential to revolutionize farming practices, enhance market access, and overcome persistent challenges in the agricultural sector. We conceptualize, prototype, and research the use of the latest digital technologies in smallholder agriculture. We also facilitate the scaling up of proven technologies to achieve tangible impact.

Our Approach:

We adopt a multidimensional approach that combines technical expertise, social understanding, and innovative partnerships. We explore how digital information and ICT services can create new opportunities for smallholder farmers, value chains, and rural communities. Through leading-edge research, we examine the technical and social dimensions of digital agriculture, identify information that drives practice change, and assess the overall impact on farm livelihoods.

Key Focus Areas:

 Information Services and ICT Solutions: We strive to deliver relevant and actionable information to smallholder farmers, value chains, and communities. By leveraging ICT platforms and tools, we enable farmers to make better-informed decisions on crucial aspects such as timing of sowing, soil health, and disease and pest diagnostics. Our focus is on creating new services that address the specific needs of farmers and enhance their efficiency and productivity.

 Research and Innovation: We conduct cutting-edge research on the technical and social aspects of digital agriculture. By understanding the potential of digital technologies, we explore ways to drive practice change, gain efficiencies, and improve farm livelihoods. Through our research efforts, we contribute to the knowledge base and shape the future of digital agriculture.

 Partnerships and Collaboration: We actively seek partnerships with leading private sector innovators, technology companies, research institutions, and development organizations. These collaborations enable us to leverage their expertise, share knowledge, and build a strong ecosystem for digital agriculture. By connecting diverse stakeholders, we enhance development impact and promote the adoption of ICT platforms and tools in agriculture.

 Knowledge Sharing and Incubation: We serve as a mediator in knowledge sharing and innovation, utilizing updated ICT tools and platforms. Our cluster pilots virtual educational, library, and learning programs to ensure widespread access to knowledge resources. Additionally, we anchor the digital agriculture innovation ecosystem and minimize innovation system failures through incubation, mentoring, and partnership facilitation.