Country Representatives Overview

ICRISAT's Country Representatives play a crucial role in advancing the mission of the Institute by creating local solutions for the unique dryland issues in the regions they serve. These dedicated individuals serve as the face of ICRISAT within their respective countries and act as catalysts for change.

With a deep understanding of the local context, they work closely with farmers, communities, governments, and other stakeholders to identify and address the specific challenges faced by dryland regions. By fostering partnerships and collaboration, they facilitate the adoption of innovative technologies, sustainable farming practices, and resilient crop varieties that are tailored to the local agro-ecological conditions.

Importantly, regional representatives serve as advocates for their regions, raising awareness about the importance of dryland agriculture, promoting policy reforms, and mobilizing support for investments in agricultural research and development. Through their tireless efforts, ICRISAT's country representatives contribute to building thriving and resilient agricultural systems that improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and ensure food and nutrition security in the drylands.

Country Representatives

Dr Rebbie Harawa

Global Research Program Director - Africa & Country Representative - Kenya

Dr Martin P Moyo

Country Representative - Zimbabwe

Dr Andre F van Rooyen

Country representative - Ethiopia

Dr Samuel M C Njoroge

Country representative - Malawi

Dr James Mwololo

Country representative - Mozambique

Dr Falalou Hamidou

Country representative - Niger

Dr Ignatius Angarawai

Country representative - Nigeria